Latest Buttercross News - Updated 31/10/2021

If you are a Mason and would like to come see us working a ceremony and then enjoy good humour, good company and good food at the Festive Board  email our Secretary on for a summons.

Meeting dates for 2022
- 25th March, 22nd April, 23rd September, 28th October. 25th November.

25th February 2022 - Is our installation meeting, and our new WM will have a busy year with up to four candidates waiting in the wings!

17th December 2021 - At this meeting we will be carrying a 2nd Degree cermony.

26th November 2021 - At this meeting we will be carrying a 3rd Degree cermony.

29th October 2021  - At this meeting we will be carrying a 2nd Degree cermony.

September 2021 - We held two successful ceremonies with 37 attending by dispensation, an emergency meeting on the 3rd September at which we carried out a 1st Degree ceremony. Also in open Lodge a presentation of a certificate to mark his 50 years service to Freemasonry was made to a member.
24th September we carried out another 1st Degree ceremony with 38 attending including the PrGM, PrGStB, PrGOrg and PrGSwd. The WM presented one engraved crystal decanter each, to  two of our brethren as a gift from Buttercross Lodge to mark their recent/forthcoming weddings.

August 2021 - Now that all restrictions are lifted, we will be recommencing our meetings on the 3rd September with a first degree ceremony. We then meet again on the 24th September for another 1st degree ceremony. Then we have a 2nd degree ceremony on the 29th October, a 3rd degree on the 27th November and finally on the 17th December another 2nd degree ceremony. If any freemasons want to join us please email me. There is no pressure on brethren attneding and if they want to wear PPE at the meetings they are more than welcome to.

May 2021 - Wow! Since the last update above, we have been out of lockdown number 1  and then back into lockdown number 2.Lockdown number 2 is now being gradually eased so that hopefully by 21st June 2021 all the lockdown restrictions will be lifted by both the Government as well as the United Grand Lodge of England and we can start meeting again and enjoying out Freemasonry.We have at least 4 candidates waiting to join Buttercross Lodge so have been discussing with the Worshipful Master, about should we have extra meetings before September or have extra meetings during Sept,  Oct and Nov. A future Buttercross committee meeting will be held to discuss this topic before the Worship Master decides on the best way forward.The ceremonies are really unique and centred around the candidate so we do not want to carry out more than one initiation in one evening so it does not detract away from their unique experience.

April 2020 - Due to the covid-19 virus, United Grand Lodge of England has suspended all Masonic meetings until further notice.  We currently have 4 candidates waiting to be iniaited into Freemasonry, and once this suspendtion is lifted we will be looking to fit the ground running with our ceremonies, even holding extra meetings if needed.


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